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Rules - Information for the pik_n_mix_rp Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Information for the pik_n_mix_rp Community

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Rules [May. 4th, 2006|02:56 pm]
Information for the pik_n_mix_rp Community



1)Once you have applied AND been accepted, you must make a journal and an AIM for your character. Once both have been completed, please send a link to hoisian through email also stating which character it belongs to so to prevent any confusion.
2)You are not allowed to show aggression to other rpers inside the community, play nicely. If you are talking outside, I am afraid it is out of the mods hands.
3)You cannot apply for taken characters. [please check the taken character list, we will just turn you down if you do not look into this before hand] It will be stated whether or not it is the IC character or OOC character available for taking.
4)Show respect to the mods and the communtiy, otherwise you might find yourself being kicked out.
5)The community is there for *OOC posts only. [For those who do not know] To post up in the community you need to change the 'post to:' area before clicking on UP DATE JOURNAL. If you do not how to change the 'post to:' area CLICK HERE for a screen cap example.
6)Your character journals are for *IC posts only, meaning that you cannot make personal entries there, please leave that in your personal LiveJournal.
7)When wanting to talk in OOC while IC please put it in brackets i.e. ((OOC: hi there))
8)You cannot apply for more then three characters
9)If you have dropped a character more then twice, you are not allowed to re-apply for another character, it creates confusion between the other characters in the rp and it is always difficult finding someone else to play the same character in the same way. Everyone has their own style of rp.
10)There seems to be two ways of role playing that has developed, for an example of these, please click on the following link: TWO WAYS TO ROLE PLAY
11)Help Advertise us in your journals if possible, some advertisement banners are available in the link below.
12)If you become a member of this community you must join cnj_cocacola, an OOC community for the role players of crack_no_jutsu and pik_n_mix! CLICK HERE to see why we have created this community.
13If you are a member and want to apply for another character please CLICK HERE to fill out the application form provided. Post applications there, do not email the mods
14)Have fun, this IS crack after all ^^

*for definititions of terms and words used in the community and role playing, please visit our [Encyclopedia]